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She Heals I Tank Episode 70: We’re Septuagenarian’s

Hey all of you out there in Eorzea. Welcome back to She Heals I Tank. This is episode 70 of the SHIT podcast, The big seven zero. We had a lot of fun this episode and a lot of that was because of the great people that joined and chatted with us on Twtich. We’d love to have even more of you live with us so if you can check us out live at 6:30 on Tuesdays, twitch.tv/shehealsitank

This week in the news we talk about the new DLC available through an Amazon promotion, the fan kit has been updated, there is a free login campaign for ps3 users, and we go over the dates for the North American data center move. Which is when the servers will be down.

Most of our discussion this week focused on some questions that were asked on the official forums in the thread for the next Live Letter Q&A. Some were good and some were just bad but we have fun talking about them. It will be interesting to see what they choose to answer during the live letter. The live letter is this Friday, don’t forget. We also go over some questions that Mr. Happy asked Yoshida in an interview.

Most of our time in game this week was spent leveling our alts. We’re having a lot of fun doing it and we’ll be streaming more of us leveling them and going through the story. When I was playing my main I had miserable bird farm after miserable bird farm. So bad it made me switch right back to my alt.

We hope you enjoyed the show. We’d love to have some emails to read so let us know what you though by emailing us shehealsitank@gmail.com or tweet us @shehealsitank Cheers!

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