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She Heals I Tank Episode 64: The Post Wedding Episode

Hey all of you out there in Eorzea, welcome back to She Heals I Tank. This is episode 64 of the SHIT podcast.

This is the first podcast after Avi and I got eternally bonded IRL. Thank you so much to everyone to emailed and tweeted your good wishes and congrats to us. All the love you showed us was amazing and we appreciate it so much. Truly the best thing to come from doing this podcast is the community we’ve become a part of.

Let’s talk about this weeks show though. Although we didn’t get a lot of playtime this week we do have a lot to talk about from PAX East Q&A and the interviews that followed. We are going over the Gamerescape and Reddit interviews as well as the Dengeki interview that was post Fan Fest. I think we had some really good discussion about some questions asked.

We also go over the piece of new content that came this week, Diadem 2.0. In a turn of events, Avi actually played more than Pete this week and reports about her run in the new Diadem. We discuss some design decisions as well as the decision to add an ilvl 280 weapon.

Despite Avi having lost her voice we had what was probably our longest episode ever. I hope you all enjoy it. Let us know what you think by tweeting us, @shehealsitank or emailing us shehealsitank@gmail.com I also want to thank everyone who joined us live on Twitch for this episode, there was some great interaction and it has become something I really look forward to each week. Enjoy and cheers!

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