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She Heals I Tank Episode 62: Patch 3.55a Notes

Hey all of you out there in Eorzea, welcome back to She Heals I Tank. This is episode 62 of the SHIT podcast.

This week we are talking all about the patch notes for Patch 3.55a. Check them out if you want all the little details. Along with the patch we are also getting the next seasonal event which is Little Ladies Day. As always, once the new even starts you can buy the rewards from last years event on the Mogstation. There also new optional items you can buy like the play dead emote and back flip emote. If you’re looking for sweet Red Mage or Samurai backgrounds be sure to check out the new Fan Kit they’ve posted.

For the Greenleaf Minute we go over player commendations and the rewards you can get by getting a lot of them. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to play a lot this week, Pete had his bachelor party. Avi did get into Zurvan Ex again and it went a lot smoother than the first time. This week we plan to hit Proto Ultima and put some time into the relic. We did hit a lot of the 3.55a stuff, let us know what you thought of the patch. Email us at shehealsitank@gmail.com or tweet us @shehealsitank We’ve really been enjoying streaming on Twitch so be sure to stop by twitch.tv/shehealsitank on Tuesdays at 6:30pm PST. Hope you enjoyed the episode.

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